Japanese knotweed house price sales and rescission of contract.

Friday 15th January 2016

We heard today of an interesting situation. A purchaser had bought a property and the seller had failed to declare (probably innocently) the presence of Japanese knotweed in the rear garden and in an adjoining garden.

This situation is not unique, we come across this situation quite frequently. However in this case it meant a substantial loss for the purchaser as they wished to extend the property and do other works, which the knotweed would impact on.

uniquely in our experience, the parties have agreed to rescission. Now rescission is a legal term, which means the cancelling of a contract, with all parties returning to the position that they were in (in so far as this is possible). So the house purchase is being reversed or unmade.

The key thing to be aware of here, is that a house sale, once completed, can legally be unmade due to the presence of an undeclared Japanese knotweed infestation. Our advice to sellers, remains unchanged be honest about the presence of Japanese knotweed and be proactive in your treatment i.e. get a reputable PCA approved contractor to start works as soon as you can do not wait until the last minute or worse fail to declare it!

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