Japanese knotweed emerging slowly and…the importance of making sure that your Invasive Weed Surveyor is properly qualified.

Monday 11th April 2016

The recent cold weather is meaning that we are seeing a very slow emergence of Japanese knotweed this spring. So far we have seen a good deal of budding knotweed and one small area with a few shoots over 2 feet high. However all it needs is a few warmer days and nights and we will see full on growth emerging at approximately a foot a week.

When appointing a company to do professional surveys of your invasive weeds, it is important to ensure that not only the company is a member of Property Care Association |(PCA), but also that the Surveyor has passed the PCA’s Certificated Surveyor examination in Japanese knotweed. The Knotweed Company already has three certificated Surveyors and a fourth individual has just taken their examination. As such we are amongst the market leaders (if not the market leader) in terms of qualified surveyors. So when appointing your surveyor, ask about their personal qualifications, they should hold the CSJK (Certificated Surveyor of Japanese knotweed.

In addition to our having a number of qualified invasive weed surveyors, we also provide two examiners to the Property Care Association for this examination. You can therefore be sure that you are getting experienced and qualified people when speaking to us!

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