Japanese knotweed and the economy

Friday 17th December 2010

Recent economic news reports showing a contraction in the UKís GDP, have shown commentators being surprised by the figures from the construction industry in the last quarter, which were worse than expected. Personally I am surprised at their surprise! The works that can happen in construction when temperatures are as low as they were in December is quite limited. Iím pleased to be able to report that we at least were busy during this time and even carried out some site excavations and removal from site, including installation of root barriers, etc. However other parts of the industry were not so fortunate.

The message from us is that our work can usually carry on in cold (even freezing conditions), so if you are planning works on your construction site for the warmer months, donít forget we can start earlier than you and clear the site of Japanese knotweed, before you need to start works! Usually we need to be the first contractor on site, whatever you do donít start large scale earth moving projects without thinking about your knotweed first! For your free survey and quotation, call us.

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