Japanese knotweed the fastest plant in the British Isles!

Tuesday 10th May 2016

This week I have already seen Japanese knotweed at a height of 1.4m in Coventry and our surveyors are reporting seeing growth all around the country. We know that knotweed in Coventry was generally speaking not growing until three weeks ago, so this would mean a growth spurt of 46cm (18 inches) a week for this particular plant or a daily average of 6.6cm a day…

Japanese knotweed can grow as fast as this, because (like many other plants), it stores food and water from previous years in specialist storage organs. In knotweed these are the plants rhizomes. This gives knotweed a massive competitive advantage, as each spring it will rapidly outcompete any other plant and this is one of the many factors that enables it to dominate the local environment.

To update people on our BT installation, sadly when the engineer arrived on Friday to do the necessary, he had been given the wrong installation order... cue another 42 minutes of my talking to BT. I very much hope that BT can now speedily resolve this and provide us with a satisfactory solution in a reasonable period of time!

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