Japanese knotweed - faster than a speeding bullet…

Friday 20th May 2016

Japanese knotweed is certainly making rapid growth now. Our technicians have reported stems in excess of 2m on some sites on the South Coast and in London.

I have been discussing stem injection for Japanese knotweed with a number of people recently. Now this is a good technique, and we have been doing this for over 10 years now, but there is certainly a lot of misunderstanding about it as a technique. We have had people think that it is a ‘one hit wonder’, i.e. inject it once and the knotweed is dead (no it isn’t) and others thinking that we can inject tiny plants (not effectively).

The reality of stem injection is that if used incorrectly can easily put knotweed into a dormant state for 1-3 years or so – so it looks great, until it starts to re-grow… Additionally no-one can effectively inject small shoots of knotweed, if you try than the stem (which will not have hardened) will simply collapse and the chemical will be lost. To date I have not found that anything is better than a correct application through a conventional knapsack sprayer, but I emphasise it must be done correctly!

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